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04/01/2007/17:26/box of delicious orange things/A thank you to Carrotbox for directing a bunch of viewers to my tiny thumbnails.

03/19/2007/09:19/auction/i have some pieces in Jody Sperling's Time Lapse Dance auction this week.

02/08/2007/12:47/Welcome New York Magazine reader/hello all, i see rima did a little write up on me in today's New York Magazine Best Bets Daily. welcome and take a look around. her favorite piece, nubbin flat head, can be found here but there are lots of other fun surprises to be found.

11/18/2006/15:56/kat/also, some studies of the fifth collaborator/model kat are too.

11/18/2006/15:55/janneth/some studies of the fourth collaborator/model janneth are now up.

09/28/2006/19:18/model/one more photo session with Irwin and then on to the next model. Jen has accepted and I will start working with her within the next week or two. exciting.

09/22/2006/13:24/next model/i am looking for collaborators to work with me as a model for the next set of control collection pieces. if you would be interested, please feel to contact me.

09/22/2006/13:21/more control/three more pieces posted from the control collection are now posted. these are with a different model and look fantastic. exciting.

08/28/2006/15:28/the real world/exciting news: a shop in the lower east side named dangerous mathematicians is now carrying a few of my pieces, lignum laureatus among them.

08/03/2006/19:31/next model/just a few days before I begin my next control piece. working with a male model this time. an interesting challenge.

07/22/2006/10:00/final set/third and final set of images from my first collaboration are posted now. This is the favorite, though this one does show of the piece oh so nicely.

06/20/2006/16:36/more tests/shot and posted some more test shots.

digging deeper into the murky depths

June 2008
06/16/2008/05:37/ little pretty

March 2008
03/14/2008/08:53/ polyvore

February 2008
02/10/2008/21:44/ showcase

December 2007
12/10/2007/10:12/ success
12/02/2007/15:59/ see the work in person

April 2007
04/08/2007/17:29/ models
04/01/2007/17:26/ box of delicious orange things

March 2007
03/19/2007/09:19/ auction

February 2007
02/08/2007/12:47/ Welcome New York Magazine reader

November 2006
11/18/2006/15:56/ kat
11/18/2006/15:55/ janneth

September 2006
09/28/2006/19:18/ model
09/22/2006/13:24/ next model
09/22/2006/13:21/ more control

August 2006
08/28/2006/15:28/ the real world
08/03/2006/19:31/ next model

July 2006
07/22/2006/10:00/ final set

June 2006
06/20/2006/16:36/ more tests
06/01/2006/00:24/ macross

May 2006
05/17/2006/00:42/ hand control

April 2006
04/27/2006/08:45/ test shots
04/27/2006/08:40/ a good cause

March 2006
03/23/2006/21:17/ hiatus

December 2005
12/28/2005/00:32/ key

February 2004
02/09/2004/23:37/ hectic

January 2004
01/12/2004/23:41/ display tidying
01/12/2004/22:42/ emerges from the fog
01/12/2004/12:35/ more store
01/11/2004/21:36/ store
01/01/2004/17:33/ new nav

December 2003
12/29/2003/14:28/ back
12/22/2003/17:32/ li'l preview
12/16/2003/15:06/ language
12/11/2003/16:19/ expanding branches
12/11/2003/16:02/ rejiggered
12/09/2003/10:33/ new irony pieces
12/08/2003/10:13/ photographs
12/05/2003/22:11/ wholesale
12/03/2003/12:10/ hidden treats
12/02/2003/23:42/ more photographic evidence
12/02/2003/18:11/ recently added
12/02/2003/00:37/ first pricings posted

November 2003
11/30/2003/18:19/ flurry of activity
11/26/2003/17:23/ auction
11/25/2003/14:03/ first sale
11/24/2003/16:25/ first image on the new site
11/23/2003/14:43/ first thoughts on the nature of content and the display of it