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Imagine a tree with silver branches. Climbing to the very top, with a view of fields and hills, you twist off the most slender twig and descend.

So begins Branch.

Bound or unbound, curling or straight, Branch does not tell stories so much as it asks for them. Where am I from? Were the clouds full of rain when you climbed through the green, were the cows munching grass on the hills?

Silver branches, frozen. While one life has slipped away, others testify to seasons still imminent, trees that have yet to be dreamed.


filigreed vine fit for a fairy neck, this looping choker finds perfect symbiosis with you.


thorns ears
silver warning, or enticement, these dangling stems. who holds the flower?


fallen three buds
these tiny branches were rescued from a felled tree outside cbgb's, new york city. where will you make them grow?


fallen seeds
planted now in air, what might sprout? perhaps a compliment or two...


tiny tentacles or pinecone's inspiration, this brooch (for janes) or pin (for gents) tinily evokes the forest, its smell of juniper and moss.


fascine trifurcated pin
you learned your trade in elven ears, and now sprout too for fairy cloaks.


lignum laureatus
the other flowers were blown when you were twisted from the main and three-way aligned for the neck of a queen. (the owl wanted you, too.)


fascine unbound bolt pin
i believe the sky was leaden the day you were found. whether on a lady's scarf or a gentleman's jacket, you remind one of a cheerful blaze on a rainy night.


torquens explicaris
ah. it was you who fooled them all, going straight until the moment they turned. then proving your art.


torquens scindo
sometimes called the witches' fork, you once held dearly some steady branch, twisting yourself into these curls imagining his loss. no brooms, no evil--just wonder that you once held the world.


torquens pandae
your first word was, "boing!", which was only appropriate. little springer, your feet and your head were always ecstatic, ready to jive merrily from happy ears.


fascine petite unbound
you carry a simple story: a bird twittered, a sun turned. it was autumn, and the air smelled like smoky earth and bright sky.


fascine duus
when she passed by, you thought, "i would give up all my springs if her hair might remember its tree-origins and her body its willow days..." and now, ah, see how she remembers! her springs are more complete.


fascine unbound
three simple paths leading everywhere. naturally, you were found growing at a crossroads. bandits, a witch, and two lovers parted ways.


fascine unus
when the wind blows, hear how the moon laughs! you were found at such a time, one of you happy, one of you sad. united now, you no longer envy the moon.