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Eyeing the robot action figures at the toy store again?  Wishing you had the U.S.’s defense budget to build an arsenal of traditional arms plus a few alien-zapping mega ray-guns?

Rest easy—the Mech Collection has landed.

The Mech Collection brings you fashionable security and portable fun.  From earring stun-guns (imagine a quick-draw against a formidable purple foe who looks curiously like your boss) to robot charms (“Hey, little kid, my toy is solid silver!”) to a single elegant pistol hanging from a chain (the Second Amendment meets haute couture), the Mech Collection has what you need to preserve your peace of mind.  

Fashion.  Power.  Laughs.

Who said weapons had to be dangerous?  Annihilate with style.


gun heavy stub rifle
long ago (or far ahead) this little charm was hefted by a robo-fighter in the interplanetary guard. now it guards you as a necklace, or protects your keys from evil droids.


missile micronaut chest missile
once fired from his chest (or the flank-mounted launcher of his steed), now the fearsome baron karza's missiles have been safely defused.


cradling hands
for holding q-tips or managing the tiny star fragments lingering in your hair. for pinching poison into a foe's glass or merely making you the six-legged creature you've often dreamed of being: mech buttefly, mech ladybug, mech superbeetle ready to conquer the world...


gun forty five earrings
the forty five hand gun was designed to stop the a man dead in his tracks; this version will not do that.


gun tiny revolver earrings
our dear childhood hero the lone ranger and his hi ho silver carried (or, more accurately, his tiny toy self carried) this teeny tiny revolver. who was that masked man?


gun lobros
the decidely disturbing lobros from the oceans of the zenon had this devious device instead of a right hand. now you can have it instead of an earring (carefully modified to prevent accidental firing).


gun black hole sentry
do you wish to wield the same laser weapon as the s.t.a.r. and sentries from the black hole? this, then, is most certainly one of your last chances as the ghost ships steer madly toward the point of no return.


inverted head acroyear
his head inverted, the evil acroyear ii sees the world through crazed, mirrored eyes, his helmet like a silver claw.


inverted head galactic warrior
the noble galactic warrior, beheaded in a nefarious plot for your wearing pleasure, can now stare with blank eyes at friends and enemies alike. do his eyes narrow slightly at the latter?


missile misguided
perpetually falling from your ears and neck, these damoclesian weapons serve as warning for those who would take for granted the work you do.